Low latency, high bandwidth, always-on network is the currency of our age.

High bandwidth

In a market where service speeds are typically around 100Mbps, Swooperfast provides 500Mbps to meet your bandwidth needs today and well in the future.


The traditional relationship of bandwidth to price, where higher bandwidth makes them commercially unviable, has been broken by Swooperfast.

Wireless connection

The Swoop wireless network is recognised for providing wide reach and availability across a national footprint, while providing the inherent benefits of a wireless network. No backhoe digging will impact your connection.

Reliable backup

With high bandwidth at competitive commercial rates, customers can now invest in combining fixed line and fixed wireless into highly available networks.

All-Aussie 24/7 support

We have a dedicated Network Operations team based here in Australia, who can help with all your Swooperfast related enquires. Email BusinessSupport@swoop.com.au or call 1300 333 200.

Bonus offer: Connect now

Sign up for a Swooperfast 36 month contract and enjoy a FREE 100Mbps service at no charge until your new Swooperfast service is connected.

Terms & Conditions
Minimum charge is based on a 36-month contract and includes a set up cost of $950. If you’re not satisfied, let us know within 90 days of connection and we’ll cancel your contract with no termination fees. Service address must be pre-qualified before a formal quotation can be provided. Please note there is a 60 business days lead time to service delivery, counting from the day you sign the contract. For full terms and conditions, please contact your Swoop account manager.